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Prestone has pioneered antifreeze / coolant innovation for the better part of a century.  Prestone has long been the trusted name for outstanding protection of your vehicles cooling system.

Prestone's Command products offers an advanced and patented antifreeze / coolant formula, additives and testing products delivering the technology and innovation heavy duty fleets can trust.

Prestone Command DEF is formulated with high quality urea and demineralized water to work with ALL SCR-equipped diesel engines.

Prestone Command DEF is a safe, easy-to-handle nontoxic solution of 67.5% water and 32.5% automotive grade urea.

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Fuel Treatments

Demand the world's most effective fuel treatment and additive technologies.

Our fuel treatments can solve your fuel operational and storage issues.

We can help improve the fuel you use: heavy fuel oils, diesel fuels of all types, and gasoline. 

Sludge Reduction - Deposit Prevention - Emissions Control

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